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Self-Paced Online Courses

What if you could shift your relationship to stress + anxiety with simple, easy to apply, body-focused practices so that you felt greater ease + settling inside? 


We've all been there...

Overwhlemed by the ongoing waves of life demands and not sure how to handle the ups & downs or to find our way back to a sense of settling + calm inside our bodies.

Any of our self-paced courses will help you connect with simple body-focused tools that you can start using right away to find your way back to greater balance & ease in your body.  

Plus you'll get a simple working framework that explains how the nervous system responds to stress and clear guidance on how to interpret your body responses to better understand what's happening inside.

No more fighting against or being at odds with your body!  No more feeling like you're "broken" or something is "wrong."  Rewrite your relationship to stress + anxiety with our gentle, compassionate guidance.  We've been teaching this for over 10 years to 1000's of folks around the world.  Check out the testimonials below to get a better sense of what people have to say about their experience working with Nervous System RESET. 

The Nervous System RESET self-paced, online courses will teach you:

  • Simple body-focused practices to better support you managing stress cycles in your life so that you reconnect with your innate resilience and build greater capacity for life’s challenges

  • How to understand the way the nervous system and your body processes stress

  • How to track activation and settling signals in your own body ​

Interested in private sessions?

Please read the information below . 

What course should I choose ?

All of the Nervous system RESET courses are themed around the same core content so that you can select the course that best fits your needs and life situation. 
You do NOT need to do all of the courses!!!

Most people choose the Nervous System Primer coupled
with the Getting to Know the Vagus Nerve classes.
Or conversely, you could choose the Working with Triggers course
if you have an interest in understanding more about "triggers."

If you are a parent, you might benefit from the parenting course. 
And if you are in the role of care taker, the Cost of Caring class
might offer some beneficial insight to your unique circumstances.

Private Sessions


Jessica is not currently taking new clients for one-on-one private sessions.  However, she has trained a handful of wonderful facilitators that can guide you through the RESET process.  If you are interested in doing private, guided nervous system work, please contact her directly at so that she can connect you with a trained facilitator of the Nervous System RESET process.  

Working with Jessica has been such a tremendous gift. The Personal RESET program provides an educational framework and accessible tools for working with one’s body, rather than against it. In working with Jessica I found that I continued to come home to my body.

This homecoming has allowed me to be with my experiences authentically, and be more present for others in my life. This experience has been invaluable for me personally, and incredibly supportive in my therapeutic work with clients. I highly recommend Jessica’s work to friends, colleagues and clients alike!

Amanda Zucker

LPC, Art Therapist

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