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All too common words used to describe how we feel on a daily basis… It’s true…life is stressful.

But inside our bodies there is an innate intelligence and a natural recovery response that

unwinds tension, restores balance and reboots our resilience.

Whether you are negotiating everyday life stress or traumatic stress, Nervous System RESET is an educational and somatic-based wellness model that teaches you how to work with your body

to better manage and mitigate the effects of stress in your body and in your life.


Nervous System RESET:

A gentle, effective approach to rebalancing and regulating the nervous system, cultivating greater body awareness, and promoting overall health and wellness.




Online Self-Paced Courses



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The key to better health
and quality of life lies
in the nervous system

Our nervous system is the deepest core of our being.  It dictates how we feel in our bodies, the clarity of our thoughts, the quality of our relationships.  When it is in balance and functioning optimally, we flow with the ups and downs of life.  We are resilient.

But when the nervous system is taxed, everything can feel off.  And that is what happens when we are managing the ongoing, chronic stress of life.  Whether it is the grind of everyday life punctuated by financial challenges, relationship dynamics, parenting duties, or the burden of negotiating macro and micro experiences of systemic oppression/trauma…all of the balls that we juggle can make life feel overwhelming at times.  And stress patterns build up in our bodies.

Most of us do not realize that our nervous system is dialoguing with us every minute of every day, trying to alert us to its level of activation.  We can learn how to speak directly with our nervous systems and more importantly, how to change the dialogue from one of distress and overwhelm to one of greater flexibility, balance and flow.

Nervous System RESET teaches you how to be in empowered dialogue with your nervous system and to cultivate a felt sense of safety in your body.  It starts with the framework that we can partner directly with our bodies and is amplified by learning a variety of customized, body-based practices that help us navigate through activation in a more internally-resourced way.  At the heart of this model is the nervous system recovery reflex, a gentle, vibratory, muscular discharge that allows accumulated stress patterns to release from the body and which is taught as a regulation tool to help your nervous system reset from chronic stress and/or past trauma.

For more information on how Nervous System RESET is designed to work, please click here.  

Private Sessions

Jessica is not currently taking new clients for one-on-one private sessions.  However, she has trained a handful of wonderful facilitators that can guide you through the RESET process.  If you are interested in doing private, guided nervous system work, please contact her directly at so that she can connect you with a trained facilitator of the Nervous System RESET process.  

Working with Jessica has been such a tremendous gift. The Personal RESET program provides an educational framework and accessible tools for working with one’s body, rather than against it. In working with Jessica I found that I continued to come home to my body.

This homecoming has allowed me to be with my experiences authentically, and be more present for others in my life. This experience has been invaluable for me personally, and incredibly supportive in my therapeutic work with clients. I highly recommend Jessica’s work to friends, colleagues and clients alike!

Amanda Zucker

LPC, Art Therapist

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