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Finding Your Way Back To Safety

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is a wonderful example of freeze and co-regulation. In this video clip, the fawn has collapsed in the middle of the road likely due to overstimulation. This is exactly what our own nervous systems do when we experience too much stimulus or stress to comfortably manage or contain. We call this the freeze response, and it is an appropriate defense response when we are overwhelmed by our experiences, although it may look differently than fainting in the road! (Think of going numb, feeling disconnected from your body, feeling mental fogginess, etc.)

In this clip, you will see the mother gently approach her fawn and offer connection and reassurance. We call this “co-regulation.” The mother deer is using her own regulatory capacity and internal sense of safety to help the fawn negotiate the experience of overwhelm. Sure enough, the little one is able to unfreeze, find her feet under her and wobble back to safety. A beautiful display of how one well-regulated nervous system can teach another to find its way back to a secure base.

And this represents the heart of what the Nervous System RESET approach is all about: helping you navigate your way back to an internal experience of safety and a more engaged relationship with your own body through understanding how to work in direct partnership with your nervous system.

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